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In an old school building at an idyllic convent courtyard near the Domchurch, FOTODOK organizes exhibitions, lectures, and education programs around social themes. FOTODOK tells stories through documentary photography and also combines this with other media such as film, virtual reality and web documentaries.

At a time where news articles shrink and rapidly lose their news value, where we are confronted with an ever-increasing amount of information and images, FOTODOK provides people with background stories through which one can reflect and, hopefully, is given the opportunity to get a better understanding of the world we live in today.

Yusser al Obaidi new Head of Talent

FOTODOK is pleased to introduce Yusser al Obaidi as the new Head of Talent! She will lead FOTODOK’s Talent Programs, supporting young creators and encouraging them to push boundaries and experiment.

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FOTODOK is proud to present Grounding – Stories of Migration as part of BredaPhoto Festival 2024, running from September the 13th until November the 3rd 2024. The exhibition features works by Thana Faroq, Hanna Hrabarska, Sebastian Koudijzer i.c.w. Tyler Koudijzer, Marwan Magroun, Kevin Osepa, Giya Makondo-Wills, and Nael Quraishi. 

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FOTODOK is pleased to announce its nominees for the 2024 cycle of Futures: a pan-European photography platform. Farren van Wyk, Gilleam Trapenberg, Hanane El Ouardani, Prins de Vos and Suzette Bousema will each join the Futures network and showcase their work that addresses a range of important contemporary questions…

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Ze is begon als “kleefstagiaire” en groeide uit tot Hoofd Talentontwikkeling, steunpilaar en internationaal ambassadeur van FOTODOK. Nu heeft Lisanne besloten FOTODOK te gaan verlaten om nieuwe uitzichten te vinden.

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An Evening at FOTODOK with Jonas Bendiksen

Jonas Bendiksen considers photography as a means for storytelling first. FOTODOK’s Director Femke Rotteveel spoke with the Norwegian Magnum-photographer at FOTODOK Photo Talks #1 about his work, experiments, authenticity, AI and the future of photojournalism.

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Photography as a basic need

The images of “I am. Rada / Я Рада I am” by Ukrainian artist Katya Lesiv, document feelings of presence and relief, as well as conveying the reality of motherhood in times of war, as observed from a foreign country. Lisanne van Happen and Katya Lesiv in conversation.

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FOTODOK launches the second edition of the FOTODOK Talent Embassy, designed to support the involvement of 10 emerging photographers from the Netherlands in esteemed international photography festivals across Europe. The Talent Embassy extends our successful efforts from the Netherlands to an international level, showcasing talents and connecting them to valuable networks. Read more in the jury report and get to know the selected artists!

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In a dazzling display of digital fellowship, Fotodok hosted its sixth edition of Take Off on December 15th, 2023. Spanning four hours, this virtual gathering connected 24 artists and 8 experts from diverse corners of the world – from South America to Asia, creating a tapestry of ideas and perspectives that transcended geographical boundaries. The primary goal was to foster connections between emerging artists and a global network of photography and arts sector experts, including professional photographers, curators, editors, and researchers.

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A memory archive of emotions

Thana Faroq’s photobook ‘How shall we greet the sun’ is a powerful testimony in pictures and texts by that testifies of her personal involvement with the experiences of a group of women: Thana’s peers, who migrated from their countries of origin – Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, and Palestine – to The Netherlands. Thana follows them in the process of ‘emerging from the ashes’ and finding a new future. Read our interview with Thana about creating a memory archive of emotions.

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