Virtual Presence

What is Virtual Presence?

Art is embracing new digital possibilities, and FOTODOK recognises the importance and potential of a digital presence for cultural initiatives. That’s why we launched the Virtual Presence research project with the ultimate aim of developing a virtual exhibition platform. The dynamic nature of this online platform will allow us to archive existing exhibitions, further expand physical exhibitions and attract new audiences.

FOTODOK has been experimenting with virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree projects for a number of years now, including in Beyond Us and Them (2017) and (Re)Inventing Nature (2017). During Who’s in Control? (2018-2019), we developed our first virtual tour by creating a 360-degree panorama of the exhibition space.

How does Virtual Presence work?

After loading the tour and a short introduction, you can ‘move’ through the different exhibition spaces. In all the spaces, an icon is displayed next to the works. Click on this for more information or context in the form of images, text and/or video.

Our first virtual tour Who’s in Control? largely contains the same material as the physical exhibition. In future online tours, we will expand this to include elements that are only available in the virtual exhibition. This could be audio clips, video impressions, reviews, close-up shots and other layers of information.

FOTODOK was able to develop Virtual Presence thanks to the support and confidence of the BNG Cultuurfonds. 

For the exhibition Who in Control? FOTODOK thanks City of Utrecht, Mondrian Fund, VSB Fund, KF Hein Fund and Fentener Van Vlissingen Fund for their support.

For the exhibition Joint Memory: Photographic Fragments FOTODOK thanks City of Utrecht, Mondrian fund, KF Hein Fund, the BankGiroLoterij Fund – Stichting Doen, Fentener van Vlissingen Fund, Fonds 21, and the Pictoright Fonds for their support.

FOTODOK developed the tours for Virtual Presence in collaboration with VR-House.